Benefits of Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants play an important part in today’s business and home environment—and not just for their aesthetic value. They help create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is welcoming to customers and contributes to employee productivity. Plants also fight indoor pollution, a significant factor in modern, energy-efficient buildings. NASA research has demonstrated that many common decorative plants actually clean the air of such pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde,
and trichloroethylene.

The proper planning and maintenance of your horticultural environment requires knowledge and care. It is much too important to be left to someone’s “spare time”. Like all other aspects of your business, professionalism makes all the difference. If you are ready for professional plant care, contact us today and discover what our many clients throughout Western New England already know...You can breathe easier with FRESH AIR!

FRESH AIR, Interior and Exterior Landscape Design and Maintenance, has been in business since 1990, serving clients from Southern Vermont to Northern Connecticut. Contact us today to bring the benefits of beautiful plants and FRESH AIR into your home or business.


Since its inception in 1990, FRESH AIR and the people within it have been dedicated to bringing living beauty to the world and from an interior landscaper’s perspective, help clean the air in businesses and office buildings by creating working environments
that feel alive and
stimulate creativity.


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