Interior Landscaping

Your interior landscape begins with a free on-site consultation.

A trained horticultural specialist will evaluate your location for space, light, heat, humidity, traffic patterns—factors which influence the effective landscape design. Whether we make minor recommendations or work up a complete design, you will benefit from our years of experience.

Installation is careful, timely, and worry-free. Decorative containers are offered in a wide variety of styles and materials to compliment any décor.

Expert maintenance includes: watering, cleaning, pruning, fertilizing, pest/disease identification and control. Every plant installed and maintained by FRESH AIR is fully guaranteed. Mature and over-grown plants can be given new life by professional pruning or transplanting.

Don't leave plant care to chance.
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Decorative planters at installation
and then after several months of growth


All interior plants installed and maintained by
are fully guaranteed.

We will replace a plant (at no charge) with a plant of similar value and size if the plant fails to thrive under the terms of our maintenance agreement or if circumstances make another plant more suitable to the location.


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